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Ongoing Legal Advisor

With Legal Team, your company can outsource all or parts of the legal work to RESOLVA on flexible and attractive terms. We assemble a team that can integrate with your company and provide legal advice to the extent and specialties desired. Our team of lawyers covers the most important areas of business law and can assist broadly with ongoing tasks or respond to more specialized inquiries on an ad hoc basis. RESOLVA combines legal expertise with commercial, operational, and technological understanding.

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We ensure that you always meet with an experienced commercial lawyer who knows your company and can provide timely, practical, and value-added advice that addresses your commercial needs.

Mikkel Falkenberg

Chief Executive Resolver


Outsourcing of legal function

This solution is chosen by companies in need of ongoing legal support who do not have their own legal function. Here, RESOLVA assembles a team of lawyers with the right expertise who can provide commercially oriented legal assistance, whether it involves legal advice, contract drafting, negotiations, projects, or regulatory matters.

Team support

This solution is chosen by companies with their own legal team that continuously receives tasks they do not have time to handle or that require specific expertise. Here, RESOLVA can act as a flexible extension of the company’s existing team. We earmark experienced and business-savvy lawyers with the right specialties who will get to know your company and can provide legal advice on a regular basis or when the need arises.

Project support

This solution is chosen by companies that periodically engage in projects where extra resources are needed to quickly join projects. Here, RESOLVA can have a legal team ready consisting of lawyers and paralegals with industry insight and project experience, who can assist with project management, legal support, legal advice, etc.


A legal advisor from Resolva's Legal Team can provide ongoing support within the legal issues that companies most commonly encounter.

The better your legal advisor understands your company, the better and more tailored advice and guidance you will receive. Therefore, Resolva emphasizes getting to know your company so that our support always starts from your commercial needs.

Getting support from a legal advisor at Resolva is straightforward. Contact us for an initial discussion about your company and its needs, and we will quickly be able to tailor the right solution for you.